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“Fabulous Day” is as forward-looking as it gets – warm and welcoming."  -
"She’s survived enough royal bitch slaps and doesn’t need another" -
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Patsy Thompson

singer songwriter

Fabulous Day out now!

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With her arms wide open, Canadian songstress embraces new hope.

Last decade saw Ms Thompson go through a rough patch, yet she’s been ploughing her furrow in the field of Americana no matter what, even though Austin eventually alienated this artist, so Patsy returned to British Columbia, and here’s a reflection of the singer’s current stance. She’s not averse to occasional glance over her shoulder, only the single "I Think About You" that heralded “Fabulous Day” is its finale now, while a few other numbers reveal the Canuck’s desire to rock recklessly rather than walk down memory lane. More so, Patsy can be deliciously feisty, giving the catchy rockabilly of “Someone To Blame” a distinctly Southern flavor, even though the thickly layered “Neon Lights” offers a romantic stroll

The rolling guitars and fiddle of the title track make this shift from sadness to delight unfold in quite a cinematic manner, the organ shimmer and handclaps building the momentum slowly but surely so that the album’s first chorus could shine brightly and “Picking You Up” could bounce on Chris Rolin’s powerful bluesy twang that adds and abets Patsy’s perky vocals. Robust riffs also lift up the self-imposed loneliness on “I Can’t Be In Love With You Tonight” – only to set the scene for “Passion” which will relocate Thompson’s Piaf-like vibrato to the Seine, where the Roma roam. Of course, there’s nostalgia in a bar-room piano of “Misery And Gin” propelling her sultry voice to patinated past, full of heavenly harmonies, yet “Fabulous Day” is as forward-looking as it gets – warm and welcoming.


The sixth album from roots / folk / country performer Patsy Thompson has been a long time coming.

The nineties and noughties saw the Canadian based in Nashville and Austin, recording and touring with the likes of Willie Nelson and Clint Black. But then life came along and kicked her in the teeth. Tell me about it. So she ended up taking 12 years away because of family obligations and when no one else would step in to take care of her mother with dementia, she did.

But producer Chris Rolin (who also guitars and co-writes some of the songs) helped cajole her back into music and this really enjoyable release is the result. She has a warm, confessional voice that really invites you into the music. However, there is a strength to her sound that reminds you she started out playing in biker bars! So although most of the songs follow a similar laid back vibe, she still has enough honky tonk in her to convince on ‘Picking You Up’.

The musicians involved seem to have empathy with the original material (bar one Merle Haggard song), something that always helps when you’re dealing with personal material. It’s been a long time coming but here’s hoping there’s a good second act from Ms Thompson.


PATSY THOMPSON/Fabulous Day: She’s survived enough royal bitch slaps and doesn’t need another

 Please tell me Thompson wasn’t counting on a showcase at SXSW to be a springboard to a breakout, She’s survived enough royal bitch slaps and doesn’t need another---particularly with a smoking album like this under her belt.  This Austin gal, by way of  Canada, is a master of personal, colloquial lyrics that gives her a feeling of familiarity you want to assess deeper.  Modern honky tonk with a personal edge, she might have to take the long way around, but don’t be surprised when she gets there.  Hot stuff.


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